ST3: Documents & Links

RCGP Curriculum and Workplace Based assessments

Please see RCGP website for more detailed information about the GP curriculum and Workplace Based Assessments:

RCGP curriculum

RCGP Workplace Based Assessments

Timings for ESRs and ARCPs - useful document written by Wessex ARCP Associate Deans Dr McGee & Dr Rial

Timings for ESRs and ARCPs for GP Trainees May 2021


RCA preparation and webinars from 14Fish  14Fish You Tube webinars


Wessex AiT Subcommittee:

AiT Sub Committee


  • Wessex AiT Handbook
  • Wessex Maternity Handbook 
  • A guide to planning your maternity leave 
  • Wessex CSA guide 
  • AKT guide


Wessex LMC pages for GP Trainees:



Teaching Venues (maps, parking and directions)


Out Of Hours/UUC

Please note new guidance on Out of Hours as provided by Health Education Wessex for August 2019 onwards:-

RCGP have also put a new document on the website that maps UUC to the curriculum capabilities:

RCGP link

UUC mapping to RCGP curriculum capabilities

UUC FAQ Wessex

UUC Observational session record

UUC session record

UUC session record completed

UUC Evidence for ARCP

UUC Evidence for ARCP Example ST3


OOH information for Military Defence Trainees

OOH guidance Defence Trainees

OOH guidance WTR Defence Trainees