ST3: Time Out of Training

Maternity Leave/Paternity Leave

Please email if you are planning to take maternity leave. Jo-Anne will ensure that the relevant Patch and GP School staff are informed of your intentions and will provide you with instructions on the actions you will need to take in preparation for maternity leave.

You should also contact your employer - ie Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust or Salisbury District Hospital or your GP practice to inform them of your intentions.


Out of Programme Experience

For more information about Out of Programme please see the Deanery website

Trainees wishing to apply for Out of Programme need to apply with at least 6 months advance notice.

Less Than Full Time Training

Guidance on eligibility criteria and how to apply for LTFTT is available on the Deanery website.  Please note Trainees are encouraged to apply as far as possible in advance of wishing to undertake Less Than Full Time Training, but no later than 16 weeks before the anticipated start date of your LTFT training.

Trainees who are already LTFTT but wish to change % need to request permission from Dr Heidi Penrose, Associate Dean and to apply to