GP Trainees: ST3

The Mid-Wessex Day Release Course is based at the University of Winchester and is run on behalf of Health Education England - Wessex every Wednesday for approximately 30 weeks during the ST3 year.

We take GP Registrars predominantly from the Salisbury, Winchester, & Basingstoke areas as well as those from the Army at Bulford, Tidworth, Larkhill & Warminster. Registrar intake usually occurs at the start of the autumn term.

The course is designed to challenge and develop the way Registrars practice medicine, allowing them to look at what sort of doctor they want to become in an educational, supportive and enjoyable environment.

We are constantly evaluating the course. Here are some of the comments our 18/19 cohort made:

"Thank you for a brilliant year of ST3 teaching", "Got to know some amazing people!", "Lots of info about non-clinical aspects of GP", "Great team of trainers running the course, always felt supported and there is no 'stupid' question"