ST1&2: Training Pathway

Mid-Wessex GP Education is a Patch Office for the Health Education England – Wessex, looking after Primary Care training for doctors and allied health professionals in Basingstoke, Salisbury and Winchester areas.


The ST1 and ST2 years generally consist of 4 six month posts (3 in hospital, 1 in general practice).

Hospital posts are approved for general practice training by the PGMETB. Quality standards are maintained by the contract between the relevant NHS Trust and the Postgraduate Dean, and are managed by the GP VTS Programme Directors.


The GP vocational training is delivered by Programme Directors and GP trainers under the management of our Associate Dean of Postgraduate GP Education.

The ST3 year is spent in general practice with one half day per week during term time spent at the Mid-Wessex Day Release Course at the University of Winchester.


E-portfolio and Workplace Based Assessments

All GP trainees are required to complete the e-portfolio as it makes up one third of what is required for your CCT.

Please see RCGP website for more information about the GP curriculum and WPBA:

RCGP curriculum

RCGP Workplace Based Assessments


Trainees are required to pass the CSA (Clinical Skills Assessment) and AKT (Applied Knowledge Test) through the RCGP.


Out Of Hours/UUC

Please note new guidance on Out of Hours as provided by Health Education Wessex for August 2019 onwards:-

RCGP have also put a new document on the website that maps UUC to the curriculum capabilities:

RCGP link

UUC mapping to RCGP curriculum capabilities

UUC FAQ Wessex

UUC Observational session record

UUC session record

UUC session record completed

UUC Evidence for ARCP

UUC Evidence for ARCP Example ST12

Health Education Wessex GP OOH Training Resources:

OOH information Wessex Deanery


OOH Information for Military Defence Trainees

OOH guidance Defence Trainees

OOH guidance WTR Defence Trainees

Less Than Full Time Training

Guidance on eligibility criteria and how to apply for LTFTT is available on the Deanery website. 

Please note that Trainees are encouraged to apply as far as possible in advance of wishing to undertake Less Than Full Time Training, but no later than 16 weeks before the anticipated start date of your LTFT training.

LTFT information HEW

Trainees who are already LTFTT but wish to change % also need to refer to the guidance on the Deanery website and apply to change percentage.