ST1&2: Teaching

Learning Sets

These monthly half day educational sessions are for Mid-Wessex ST1 and ST2 trainees currently undertaking a post in a GP surgery. They are in addition to the teaching organised for all ST1 and ST2s. The learning set sessions give trainees a unique opportunity to meet with peers going through similar experiences in general practice. The Programme Directors take turns in chairing the sessions, however they are very much trainee led.

ST1 ST2 Teaching Half Days

There is monthly half day teaching for all ST1 ST2 GP trainees, regardless of whether you are in a GP or hospital post. These are a mix of formal lectures on a range of topics, and small group sessions.

Please note that from August 2020, teaching for all ST1&2 trainees will take place online using MS Teams.  

Please contact for more information - reminders will be sent before each session.

Usual arrangements for Face to Face teaching

Basingstoke and Winchester trainees meet at the University of Winchester 1.15pm - 5.15pm.

For details contact

Salisbury trainees meet at Salisbury District Hospital 0930 - 1330.

For details contact


ST1 ST2 ST3 Joint Teaching Half Days

Once per year in June, the Programme Directors host ST1 ST2 ST3 Joint Teaching. These popular sessions give trainees the invaluable opportunity to meet peers not only from across the Mid-Wessex region but also from all three levels of the GP training scheme.