ST1&2: Study Leave

GP TRAINEES IN 2019/2020

Study leave guidance is being updated from August 2019 and details will be updated on the Health Education Wessex website in due course

ST1&2 GP Trainees are given 30 days per year (12m) study leave, 15 internal days (to attend Day release course) plus 15 days to use externally as you wish.  It is advisable to use half during each 6-month post, so 7/8 days entitlement during each 6 months.

You need to complete a Trust study leave form to get permission for the study leave from your employer – available from HHFT/SDH HR.

Funding for study leave during hospital posts - please liaise with Trust HR.

Funding for study leave during GPST1/2 6m posts - funding from Patch Office as per information below.

Study Leave Funding: ST1 ST2 in GP posts only 2019/20

Study leave funding is available to ST1’s and 2’s who will be undertaking training in GP Posts during the year 2019/20. So, if you have a 6 month GP post starting in Aug ’19 or Feb ’20 then you are eligible to claim. All Mid-Wessex trainees that qualify for this funding are entitled to a maximum of £300.00. This funding is to be used on educational courses/conferences of your choice, subject to your Programme Director’s approval.

To make a claim you need to adhere to the following checklist:

First make sure your course conforms to the Deanery’s list of approved courses. Details on their website

Study leave approved courses

Complete a Study Leave Claim Form GPST1&2 Study leave funding form 201920

Attach a copy of your certificate of attendance

Attach an original copy of your receipt of payment

Make sure you have your Programme Directors approval (they need to sign your form)

Send everything in to

A cheque will then be raised by the University of Winchester

We can only accept claims made during your GP post (or up to 3 months after).

Study leave funding is given as a reimbursement only and claims cannot be made prior to attendance on a course. Your Programme Director needs to sign your form:

Helen Prince signs for Winchester

Viv Adler signs for Basingstoke

Ellen Neale signs for Salisbury


CSA / AKT Revision Course Funding

Mid-Wessex GP trainees are entitled to study leave funding to go towards the costs of the AKT and CSA revision courses (not including military registrars).

Health Education England – Wessex previously funded pre-paid places on RCGP AKT and CSA courses. The funding for these courses has now been devolved to the Patch Offices. This means that trainees can ask the Patch Office for the subsidy code to book onto courses with RCGP Wessex. We do not reimburse the admin charges (£45 for CSA and £15 for AKT). We do not pay travel expenses. You can only claim for attendance at 1x CSA course and 1x AKT course during your GP training.

Trainees will need to ask the Patch Office to provide them with the subsidy code when booking onto one of these courses. The Patch Office will then be invoiced for your place on the course. Please email to request the subsidy code quoting which course you would like to book.

How to claim: If you book on a CSA/AKT course through another provider, the Mid-Wessex Patch Office will reimburse the course costs for the RCGP CSA revision course (up to £350) and the RCGP AKT revision course (up to £150). Please complete a study leave claim form. To claim, you need to provide a copy of your certificate of attendance and an original receipt of payment. Claims cannot be processed without these. These are then submitted, on your behalf, to Dr Heidi Penrose (AD) for approval, and if approved, cheques are raised with the University of Winchester and posted to you. Please note: study leave funding is in the form of reimbursement only, funding will not be paid prior to attendance.