Increasing Relevance to Primary Care at GP CPD Events


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RCGP Conference 2016 (Harrogate) Poster presentation

Dr Helen O'Reilly


GP CPD events commonly use speakers who are secondary care specialists. Evidence shows that GPs feel that there is often a focus on secondary care management as opposed to one on practice in primary care. I wanted to develop guidance which would help secondary care speakers to actively focus their teaching on content relevant to primary care, in order to help improve GP’s personal learning and individual clinical practice.


A practical guide for speakers was developed based on the content and style which research suggests GPs find most useful, and also drawing on published literature on teaching large groups1. This guide was reviewed by a small number of local speakers and GP educators and their feedback used to make amendments. The guidance was then given to speakers at three local GP CPD events to pilot it's usefulness, and evaluated using an online survey to assess their views on the guidance.


All the speakers surveyed felt that the guidance had helped them consider what was relevant to GPs and that they would recommend it to colleagues. The majority also felt that their presentations were both influenced and improved by reading the guidance.


Written guidance on considering clinical topics from a GP perspective has been warmly received by secondary care speakers and GP attendees at local GP CPD events. GPs believe that CPD content needs to be focussed on their daily practice to be relevant and useful, and speakers believed that this guide helped them to consider their clinical practice and management from a GP perspective, and therefore improve the relevance of the content of their presentations to GP CPD.

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